Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I knew there would be hills and mountains left to climb. I knew it would not be easy to accomplish, but we may have come to the "no" we have been hoping to miss.

We had our social worker meeting to update our homestudy. At this meeting, she talked about needing to update some of our paperwork.

Immigration wants all of the paperwork to be less than a year old. Our fingerprints and our physicals are expired...Leonard's expired on 6-23 and mine expire today.

Why is something that is so Biblically correct be so hard and with so many obstacles? Why is something we are trying to do with the best intentions be so impossible? Why, Why, Why?????

We have a call in to our homestudy agency right now to make sure this is all correct. After all of the yes answers, we may have come to our first no. Which would mean the second adoption will not happen.


  1. I am praying. Is there any update? I'm sorry you have to face so many obstacles to do something so right and good.